Tips for Tubing with a Cooler

Loading a cooler

During summer months in warm places, there are few ways to really beat the heat while still enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Which is why river tubing is so revered.

But even when you have the best tips for floating the river, it can sometimes be difficult juggling all the moving parts. Of course, you could opt for an all-inclusive river tubing trip with us but that may not always be possible where you’re living.

There’s a lot you should leave at home for your lazy river float but you definitely want to bring a cooler. Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating or cumbersome, we have the best tips on tubing with a cooler.

And considering how we float the San Marcos River most days out of the year, you could say we’re pros at it.

Cooler Tubes & Floating Coolers

You DO NOT need to purchase a tubing cooler for river tubing. If you don’t know what that is, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a tube specifically designed for coolers.

The truth is, most tubes will naturally fit your cooler. So you can either float the river with a company that supplies coolers for you, or you can rent an extra tube and buddy up next to it.

If you float often or are short on space, you could opt for a floating cooler. These are great because they can deflate but you want to make sure it properly holds all of your food and beverages before you push out. We’ve seen some floating coolers not survive very long.

Again, this is only necessary if you float often and don’t want to be springing for an extra tube each time. Overall, you don’t need cooler tubes or floating coolers to properly go river tubing with a cooler. All you really need is an extra tube and a standard cooler.

Also remember that if you choose to float the river with an excursion company (like us!), you don’t have to worry about any of it.

Quick Tips for River Tubing With a Cooler

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, here are some professional tips for river tubing with a cooler.

Tips for Tubing with a Cooler:

Takeaway Advice for Tubing with a Cooler

Even though it may feel cumbersome, river tubing without a cooler is a mistake. You don’t need a cooler tube or a floating cooler, you just need a regular cooler and an extra tube.

But if you don’t want to be burdened carrying around a cooler, buying ice before it melts, renting an extra tube and getting everything configured, opt to go with an excursion company like us! We’ll take care of everything – even the guides and transportation are included.