6 Beer Alternatives from Austin Texas

Summer activities often correlate with beer drinking, but not everyone loves beer. What can you drink instead? Here is our list of local Austin picks of ciders, hard seltzers, and wines.

1. Rosé Cider, Austin Eastciders, Dry Cider, 5.0% ABV

“Rosé, the Texas way.” A light, refreshing, and oh-so-hip way to enjoy a bubbly treat while lounging on a tube down the river. How many other opportunities will you have to drink rose, from a can, while on a river, in Texas?

Eastciders Rosé

@eastciders. Photo by @bigwrldsmallgrl

2. Original Cider, Austin Eastcider, Dry Cider, 5.0% ABV

As they say, “Cider isn’t supposed to be sweet”, and they’re right; this is the flagship of many successful ciders from Austin Eastciders. They nailed it with this smooth, dry crafted cider made with European bittersweet apples and American dessert apples. The “session” cider of the cider world.

Eastciders Original

@eastciders. Photo by @sip_sa

3. Watermelon Mint, Mighty Swell, Hard Seltzer, 5% ABV

Summer in Texas means a lot of watermelon. This crisp, bright, minty, fruity, juicy goodness is all of the deliciousness of a melon concocted into 12 perfectly balanced fluid ounces.

Might Swell Watermelon

@mightyswell. Photo by @ohhhchelsea

4. Grapefruit, Mighty Swell, Hard Seltzer, 5.0% ABV

In 1993, grapefruit became the state fruit of Texas. In 2016, Mighty Swell began squeezing them into cans. This beauty has citrus zip and a crisp, fruity finish. If you’re familiar with White Claw, definitely give one of these a try - they’re heavier on natural flavor and are one of the best brands in the hard seltzer category.

Might Swell Grapefruit

@mightyswell. Photo by @shelbybellaphotography

5. Red Wine, The Infinite Monkey Theorem, American Red, 13.0% ABV

For those looking to keep it classy, look no further. It’s wine, in a can, and it’s damn good. This lightly carbonated Merlot is enjoyable anytime, not just on the river.

Infinite Red Wine


6. White Wine, The Infinite Monkey Theorem, American White, 13.0% ABV

Lightly carbonated, fresh and dry; with light hints of peaches on the nose, this is a clear winner in the category for “Best Wine for Floating the River.”

Infinite White Wine


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