ATXcursions is proud to support many causes through donations of its tours for door prizes, auctions, raffles, and other fundraisers. Donations are made in the form of gift certificates.

Two Ways to Donate

  1. If the gift certificates for your event are issued individually, as you might do with door prizes, giveaway bags, and raffle items, ATXcursions is happy to cover the full cost of the donation.

  2. If you would like to issue gift certificates two or more at a time, as is common with an auction or silent auction for large ticket items or packages, ATXcursions asks that your organization contribute 30% of the value of the certificates. The donation from ATXcursions will be the remaining 70%.


To be eligible for gift certificate donations for a fundraiser or auction, we ask each organization to do the following:

  • Depending on the type of gift certificate donated, include a link from your organization's website (on a donor's page is fine) to ATXcurions Brewery Tours or ATXcursions River Tubing.
  • Include the ATXcursions logo on programs or any promotional materials distributed at the event.
  • Include the terms and conditions of the donated gift certificates (provided below) when distributing certificates.
  • Any forms related to the donation be filled out by members from your organization
  • We do not donate to the same organization too frequently
  • Past support of an event or organization does not guarantee future support
  • We do not make monetary donations
  • Not all requests will be honored

ATXcursions receives a high volume of donation requests and not all requests can be accommodated.

Delivery of Gift Certificates

At this time, ATXcursions does not provide printing services for gift certificate donations. Gift certificates or delivered in the form of unique voucher codes (Example: VK4X1VR) via email to the event organizer. You can print physical gift certificates or distribute the vouchers digitally. ATXcursions will provide:

  • A link to graphic assets such as photos and logos for you to use on your website, emails, or printed promotional materials
  • Copy describing the activity for the donated gift certificates
  • Terms and conditions
  • A receipt for the total value and quantity of the donation


Gift certificate donations are issued under the following terms:

  • Expire one year from date of issue
  • Vouchers are transferable
  • Cannot be redeemed for cash
  • Not redeemable for any other product
  • Resale is prohibited
  • Any coupons, discounts, or other promotional offers do not apply to and cannot be used with Gift Certificates.
  • Restricted to ages 18 and up. Brewery tours restricted to ages 21 and up.
  • Redeemable online at

Contact Us!

If your organization and event meet all the eligibility requirements, please fill out this quick form.