A Guide to Austin’s Urban Wineries

When people hear the words “wine” and “Texas” in the same sentence, they often think of the wineries in the Texas Hill Country. However, not many know that you don’t need to leave the city to have an incredible wine tasting experience!

This guide will provide all the details on the best urban wineries in Austin - that way, you can spend less time on the road, and more time drinking wine.

Infinite Monkey Theorem

If you’re looking for a classic, East Austin wine experience, look no further. Infinite Monkey Theorem not only provides delicious wines, but it’s also completely women-owned and operated, commissions local artists, and uses stainless steel kegs to replace glass bottles and lower their carbon footprint.

Book a tasting, bring friends to their Tuesday Trivia, or drink their famous Frosé at their fun events such with live music, silent disco, and SH*ART, their shitty art show.

Infinite Monkey Theorem Frosé

@infinite_chimp. Photo by @wanderwheretogo


The Austin Winery

Founded in 2014, The Austin Winery is the first full-production, grape to glass winery within the city limits. It’s only a quick, 10-minute drive from downtown, so if you’re visiting the city or getting brunch in the area, it’s the perfect place to hang out and wine with friends.




Texas Reds and Whites Tasting Room

If you’re specifically looking for a uniquely Texan wine experience, there’s no better place than Texas Reds and Whites Tasting Room. It’s yet another women-owned and operated company, and located in the heart of downtown Austin, just walking distance from the popular Rainey and 6th Street districts. Instead of having to drive all the way out to Central Texas, you can stop by their tasting room and sample over 100 different Texas vineyards in one spot.

Texas Reds and Whites bachelorette Party



Bent Oak Winery

Located in the northwest hills of Austin, Bent Oak Winery sources wines made from grapes not only from the Texas High Plains, but also from California, Sonoma Mountain, and their very own backyard. You can tour their whole wine-production process while enjoying a glass, and you just might just leave with a membership to their BOW-wow Wine Club!

Bent Oak bachelorette Party

@bentoakwinery. Photo by @wherenexttraveldesignbymallory


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