6 Texas Beers Perfect for Floating The River

No matter who you are, if you float the rivers here in Texas, we recommend you do it full Texas-style with one of these state-made brews.

1. Native Texan, Independence Brewery – Pilsner - 5.2% ABV

Looks aren’t everything, but if they were, this can wins. It’s good to be a Texan, but if you’re not, it’s good to pretend like you are. Proudly hold this can with a little Texas pride while floating down the river.

Native Texan Beer cans


2. Pearl Snap, Austin Beerworks - Pilsner - 5.3% ABV

A true pilsner with a crisp and refreshing finish, perfect for sipping in the heat of the Texas summer. Pearl Snap is a citywide fan favorite, from one of the finest and hippest breweries in town, often seen in the hands of music goers in East Austin.

Pearl Snap Beer Austin Beerworks


3. River Beer, Hops and Grain – Lager – 5.2% ABV

Does it get any more obvious? People in Texas love beer and rivers. With its superior drinkability and not-so-subtle title, it would be rude to float the river without River Beer. It just makes sense.

River Beer Hops and Grain


4. Hans Pils, Real Ale Brewery, Pilsner ABV 5.3%

From one of the OG breweries in central Texas, silver medal winner, and aptly named after the owner’s German Shorthaired Pointer; this light and fresh Texas Pilsner is the one you want to take to the ball.

Hans Pils Real Ale Beer


5. Live Oak HefeWeizen, Live Oak Brewery, Hefeweizen ABV 5.3%

A damn near perfect beer for any Texas occasion. With an unpretentious depth, and flavors of banana and cloves, Live Oak Hef, as we call it here in Austin, is a welcomed and celebrated guest at any party.

Live Oak HefeWeizen


6. Lonestar 4.72% ABV

The National Beer of Texas, as it’s known, is tried and true. If you’re from other parts of the country, your cheap go-to frosty might be Rainier, PRB, or Yuengling, but in Texas we drink Lone Star.

Lone Star Beer


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