San Marcos River Tubing Weather, Rain, and Flow Rate

Concerned about the weather for your upcoming tubing trip? Check here for all the latest river conditions and details about when it’s safe to float.

When it’s safe to float

A wide variety of factors go into determining the safety of the river. If you’re tubing with ATXcursions, we only run if it’s good tubing weather. Some examples:

Floating will take 2.5-3 hours.

How to read river conditions

Each river has a maximum safe cubic feet per second (cfs) rating for any given activity. Rivers can change at a moments notice and conditions may not have anything to do with the current weather conditions. Water flows downstream from its source, so the original source of the water must be taken into account, as well as precipitation conditions upstream.

In short, just because it’s raining at the river doesn’t mean the flow rate will be too high. Conversely, just because it’s bright and sunny outside doesn’t always mean the river is safe to float.

Therefore, the current cubic feet per second rating shows us exactly what’s going on with the river’s flow rate.

On the San Marcos River, the maximum flow rate that we will run tubing trips on is 500 cfs.

San Marcos River

The San Marcos River originates in San Marcos Texas and flows all the way to the Gulf. It is spring-fed from an aquifer and never runs dry (unlike the Guadalupe). It is a nature-filled experience.

The river’s normal flow is generally between 150-300 cfs and is constant 72F year-round.

San Marcos River Current Conditions