How to get killer BBQ in Austin without waiting in line for hours

Brown’s BBQ (30 minute wait)

Superb BBQ from an Austin food truck that is a little out of the way (South Lamar) with the shortest wait we know of. (Map)

Browns BBQ sandwiches

@brownsbarbque. Photo by @eatingatx

Micklethwait (30 minutes to 1 hour wait, can pre-order)

Somehow pronounced “Mickle wait” but has less of a line than the big two. High quality, artisan-type meats similar to Franklin and La Barbecue. If you’re organized enough to order in advance for your group (and we recommend you do), you can make a pre-order on their website (minimum $200). (Map)

Micklethwait Craft Meats

@craftmeats. Photo by @thesmokingho

Kerlin BBQ (30 minutes to 1 hour wait)

Served out of a trailer right next to Veracruz Tacos. (Map)

Kerlin bbq

@kerlinbbq. Photo by @austinfoodheads

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