Guadalupe River Tubing Rules and Regulations

If you’re reading this article because you’re curious if you can drink alcohol while floating the Guadalupe River, the answer is yes.

But read on, fellow floater. There are some rules about drinking, coolers, storage containers, music, and more that you’re going to want to learn about.

If you don’t follow these rules, it may end in a ticket, fine, or arrest. Although most of them are self-explanatory, a few may surprise you.

In addition to the rules and regulations that broadly cover all of Central Texas, there are specific rules for river tubing the Guadalupe River.

First, we’ll briefly cover the rules and regulations for river tubing in Texas.

Then we’ll dive into what makes river tubing the Guadalupe River different.

General Rules and Regulations for River Tubing in Texas

No matter where you float the river, there’s a standard set of rules and regulations for river tubing in Texas.

Although we cover the specifics in the article linked above, we’ll quickly list them here to make it easy on you.

But if you want to dive deeper, you can read about the specific rules and regulations of each river by looking into the city ordinances.

All of these must be followed regardless of which river you tube in Texas. For a more detailed description, check out our extensive guide to the general rules and regulations.

If you opt to float the Guadalupe River, you’re going to have a couple more rules to follow – though it is more lax than other rivers to float near Austin.

Rules and Regulations for Floating the Guadalupe River

In addition to all of the rules for all of Texas, here are a couple more specific to river tubing the Guadalupe.

Rule #1: Tubing is not allowed when the river flow is above 1,200cfs

The river can sometimes become really strong and too dangerous for tubing. It doesn’t al

River flow above 1,200cfs means there’s more than 1,200 cubic feet of water rushing through any given point in the river every second. Therefore, it’s too dangerous to float.

Rule #2: No open plastic containers of 5 fluid ounces or less are permitted

This rule specifically targets the small plastic containers that commonly hold jello shots.

Since the Guadalupe River is near Texas State University, it’s been known to host a college student or two. And we all know college students love jello shots.

Eventually, these little plastic containers started piling up and now they’re banned if you want to river tube the Guadalupe River.

Jello shots can be a pain anyway. Opt for these 6 beer alternatives from Austin that are perfect for floating the river.

No further restrictions

Unlike river tubing New Braunfels, there are no further restrictions on cooler size, beer bongs, noise, or rafts when you float the Guadalupe River.

This is part of the reason the Guadalupe River attracts party-goers. In addition to the fact it’s around the corner from Texas State, of course.